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Propaganda3’s Ten Year Anniversary

Propaganda3 is celebrating 10 years of business this year. So P3 thought it would celebrate by taking a look back at the last ten years. Head over to and interactively find important global events over the last decade. P3 rounded up as many events as they could dig up. Every event has a brief description pulled from Wikipedia, and displays an array of images pulled live from Google Image Search. Some events will even pull your Facebook Wall posts from around the time of the event (if you give it permission). Hope you enjoy the experience!

Big thanks to Cello and everyone at Propaganda3 for making this project possible. Had a lot of fun helping work on it.


P3 Experience Site

P3 has finally launched it’s newest project. The P3 Experience Site! Utilizing Flash and Unity3D, this project is much more then just your basic website.

The story starts at The Corporation. A place where websites are sold as templates, and all the employees are mindless drones. You are the rouge who plants the P3 machine, in hopes to overtake The Corporation and free the world from it’s mindlessness. With the help of Viridian Disciple, you must journey to The Corporation’s main server core and reroute the servers. Go now, before all is lost!

Everyone at P3 and Bazillion!

Cameron Calder – Creative Director / Designer
Dan Long – Unity3D Developer / Game Concept
Jeff Longshore – Flash Site Developer
Joe Baehr – Writer / Story Concept / Project Manager
Dave Stewart – Story Concept
Marcelo Vergara – Story Concept
Jeff Beith – Producer / Art Direction
Noel Selders – Sound Design / Music
Marshall Miller – 3D Textures / Modeling / Design / Animation
Robert Grace – 3D Textures / Modeling / Design / Animation
Tyler Keith – 3D Cinemas / Textures / Compositing
Dave Humunczuk – 3D Modeling
Brian Lynus – 3D Modeling / Textures / Cinemas / Animation


2009 Addy awards Website

P3 just launched the final version of the 2009 Addy awards website. Which includes a mobile version, viewable on your iPhone, Android, or any mobile device. Had a lot of fun helping work on this project.


Happy Holidays!

The Jingle Generator!

P3 just launched a little online Holiday toy. The Jingle Generator! You basically just use your keyboard or mouse, and hit the keys to generate sounds. The toy will record your jingle, and from there you can play it back, post it on Twitter or Facebook, or send it to a friend’s email. Huge Thanks to P3 for letting me be a part of the project.

The Jingle Generator! From Propaganda3

Oct Launched

Just launched This was a pretty fun little project I coded. All dynamically driven using XML, and some deep-linking with SWFAddress. Design by Cameron Calder. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Dansl Wiki up and running

Just created a wiki with a bunch of Flash/AS3 information. Including AS3 Libraries, APIs, Blogs, and various other stuff. Basically it’s a collection of all the stuff I’ve been learning about over the past couple years. Might be worth checking out if your new to the Flash/AS3 world, or just curious. Let me know what you think.


Barrel Of Monkeys: Source

I posted the source to Barrel Of Monkeys on Wonderfl. The code is a bit dirty right now… I need to go back and optimize… but for now, it works. Enjoy!

Barrel Of Monkeys: Source


sTweetly: If Twitter was an emoticon

With the help of Tweetr, I made sTweetly. It searches through the Public Tweets on Twitter and looks for emoticons. Then is totals them all up, and shows you the winner. Test it out and let me know what you think.

EDIT: took it down cause it wasn’t working correctly… When i get a chance I’ll rework the code and re-post it.




Did a little playing around with GoogleAPI for AS3, and I made gnib. Enter in a word or phrase into the search box. It will then pull random images from your search, and let you “draw” using the images.

FYI: Safe search is OFF, so be careful what you search for, it could be NSFW. :P


Queens Club Interactive Video Launched
Today Cameron Calder and I launched Haunted Queens Club. It’s an interactive music video for the song “Are we? Will we?” by Queens Club, a local Kansas City band. Made using Papervision3D. Lots of hard work was put into it, so let me know what you think!

Check out Haunted Queens Club
Queens Club MySpace