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March 8, 2010

Nexus One Review

I’ve been an iPhone fan boy since the iPhone came out 3 years ago. The main reason I loved the iPhone, was because you could jailbreak it, totally open it up and take your iPhone to the next level. But, I have always kept my eye out for Android, because I’m a huge fan of the open-source community and love Google. I had doubts about Android because of the hardware… The phones just didn’t compair to the iPhone, and no multi-touch?? Fortunately, everything changed once I saw the Nexus One. It looked a lot like the iphone, and after an update, had native multi-touch! So, I took a leap of faith, and sold my iPhone 3GS. The very next day, I got my Nexus One(N1) and haven’t looked back! I will say that there are a few things about the iPhone I miss… mainly some of the apps. But, what really sold me on the N1, was the fact that I didn’t need to “Jailbreak” it to get the ability to customize, and do what I want with the Android OS on the N1.

The Android OS is just amazing how dynamic it is, everything can be integrated and changed to meet your needs. I think the only thing the iPhone does better then Android, are games. Games on Android, at the moment, are pretty lame compared to the iPhone. Now, all that will probably change as soon as Flash 10.1 is release for Android. Which is another reason for my decision. Abode recently announced that Flash Player 10.1 will run on Android, which means, ALL sites should load on the nexus one, including Flash Games. How well they run depends on how the Flash content was optimized… Plus, with Flash CS5 launching in April you can create native Android Apps, and iPhone apps straight from Flash! So, not only can you run flash from within Android’s browser, but you can also make native apps for it. Where as with the iPhone, your limited to only apps, which is still pretty cool.

I still love the iPhone/iTouch, and all of their apps. Which is why I did go out and pick up an iTouch also. :P

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